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85% of falls occur going up or down the tree.


Here’s my pal Kerry climbing confidently on the SafeTree Hunt Climbing System

The SafeTree Climber System is a common and simple set of rock climbing lines and ropes. This combination is meant to arrest any fall, just like it would any rock climber. While it may not keep you completely free of some injury, it will certainly keep you from hitting the ground. Here’s how it works:
The mainline is attached to the top of your tree by a loop with a bite knot and to the bottom to keep the line from moving up while you are climbing..
Attached to the mainline is a “prussik loop” which is the friction knot that will stop a fall. You attach your full body harness to the prussik loop.
As you climb, you move the prussik knot up and down the mainline. The farthest you can fall is managed by the amount of slack that you handle between your harness and the mainline
I highly recommend that you use a full body harness to climb with.

Attach the STHS Climber to the tree above you about 2-3′ with the bite knot Wrap it over a branch to be more secure.

The SafeTree Climber System is about the simplest, reliable, and most cost effective system I could find. It has been used by rock climbers , rescue professionals and arborists for many years. This is standard equipment for all of them.

The logic in using this system is sound. If the folks that climb for a living use this system, why shouldn’t a bowhunter use it too.

I did not invent this by any means, but my passion to save you from what happened to me is what drives me to do this for you. I have put the things that you need into a kit with instructions so that you can get into this as easily and inexpensively as possible.

My hope is that you will try this out and decide that it works for you. I’m so passionate about this that I will give you the instructions and info on where to get the rope to make this system for yourself.

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