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BlueWater Ropes – 11mm (7/16″) Assaultline® (Duplicate)

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BlueWater Ropes AssaultLine is THE original low visibility, low elongation/static rope. Berry Amendment Compliant meaning made in America from 100% American raw materials and by a 100% American owned Company! Assaultline is designed specifically for military, police and other applications where low visibility is required. Its construction is the same superior design and quality as the BWII+ series of ropes but with a double twist cabled nylon sheath and a double twist cabled nylon core.
Available in:
150', 300', 600', or 200M Lengths in Solid Black or Olive Drab.

Diameter:    7/16″ (11.5mm)
Grams Per Meter:    85
Tensile Strength:    5945 lbf. / 26.4 kN
Sheath Mass:    44%


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Price: $544.00


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